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Combating Stigma Against Survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV)

  • Project Ending GBV in Gulu District
  • Category Fighting Stigma

Going On Identity Project Work

The project will aim to reduce stigma against women and girls survivors of sexual violence by developing community champions and driving systemic behavioral change within communities and among service providers by 2022 in the Gulu district.

Project Outcomes

  1. To increase public support from faith leaders promote positive attitudes towards sexual violence survivors and their children and end victimization.
  2. To increase the number of children and the youth participating in advocacy and action to end stigmatization linked to sexual violence
  3. To promote dialogue and mobilize community prevention and response systems to address self-stigma.
  4. To strengthen institutional resilience to crises including COVID-19, which ensures the stability of projects and sustainability of the organization and improve on the Response strategies on GBV