Protection Of Children

APPCO believes every child deserves to be protected from violence, abuse, and exploitation, live a full life and have the chance to become a productive person. Our focus under this area is helping communities build a safety net of loving people to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure that those who are harmed receive the help they need to recover.
Children in an local community ECD center participate in session with the facilitator in lamwo district

Our approach has not only been just working to keep children free from dangerous situations, we have been also actively working to counteract the poverty and social stigma that often lead to atrocities against children such as abuse, child labor, neglect, and child marriage.

With our community-based model which has been refined and expanded over the years, we can address the complex issues that create threats to childhood. The Our Girl Model which is fully adopted by several partners has helped to empower the girl child to regain acceptance and value in the community.

APPCO has massively engaged with several actors who have a responsibility to protect children: families, faith communities, and care providers as well as local and government officials. Our efforts focus on improving laws and accountability, increasing social services and supports, catalyzing behavior and attitude change, and strengthening child resilience to external shocks.

Strengthening the first line of Protection for Children:

APPCO designs project that is equipping and strengthening the abilities of families and caregivers to be the first line of protection and care for children by growing social support networks, linking them to economic and social assistance, equipping them with positive parenting skills, and engaging husbands and fathers to play a leading role in combating violence against children. APPCO has been helping vulnerable families gain access to social services.

Partnering with Communities:

APPCO is building a niche in the community support model linked to the second value of partnership. This means rather than just addressing the symptoms, APPCO addresses the root causes of violence against children– including harmful attitudes, beliefs, and practices—and equipping communities to provide restorative services when children are abused. APPCO values empathy and so we listen to children and work with everyone who must protect them including families, churches, faith leaders, local officials, teachers, doctors, police, courts, and government agencies. Our Programmes directly work to strengthen the laws, services, norms, and circles of care that keep children safe.