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Protection Of Children

Protection Of Children

APPCO believes every child deserves to be protected from violence, abuse, and exploitation, live a full life and have the chance to become a productive person. Our focus in this area is on helping communities build a safety net of loving people to protect children, prevent harm, and ensure that those who are harmed receive the help they need to recover.

Our approach has not only been just working to keep children free from dangerous situations, but we have been also actively working to counteract the poverty and social stigma that often led to atrocities against children such as abuse, child labour, neglect, and child marriage.

Families, religious communities, care providers, and local and government authorities have all been heavily involved in APPCO’s efforts to protect children. Our efforts focus on improving laws and accountability, increasing social services and support, catalysing behaviour and attitude change, and strengthening child resilience to external shocks.


Early childhood Development Initiative.

Recognizing the significance of a child’s development about their future stability is critical in combating the poverty trend in vulnerable communities. Through academic excellence and physical growth, APPCO’s ECD initiative is designed to help groom youngsters who are ready to adapt to new social challenges within the communities.

The main objectives of the initiative are:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of enrolling children in school at an early age.
  • To eliminate discrimination in the communities against girls and children with disabilities.
ECD facilitator Participating in a play session with children during a community ECD session in Lamwo district.

Recognizing the Needs for Children with Disabilities:

It’s crucial to remember that children with impairments don’t see themselves as disabled since they want to engage in a normal family and peer activities. Working with impaired children demands carefully crafted strategies. We oppose the stigma of labelling a child only based on their medical condition.

Our approach intends to raise community support towards inclusive practices, enable access, enrolment and retention in schools, and improve psychosocial and cognitive development, thus increasing the number of caregivers practising appropriate childcare including nutrition feeding both at home and school.


Empowering schools in slum regions to create school clubs for young adolescent girls to help them learn about positive social behaviours, healthy living, and financial mindsets.
Through the development of play activities, centre management committee strengthening, and caregiver indulgence, ECD enrollment at 15 ECD centres in Lamwo district increased by 86 per cent.
Positive community perspectives and support for pre-primary education have been revitalized in Northern Uganda's rural villages.
Supporting Family Livelihoods (Agriculture)