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Appco conducted a back-to-school campaign in northern Uganda following the long break as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. The campaign that had engaging activities targeted community groups. The community dialogue had various groups participating to remind parents that they have a responsibility for sending their children back to school since the new school year was soon starting.

Learning, going to school, and remaining in school so that they can complete school is the most important activity in a child’s life because it prepares children for the world of work, brings hope and dignity to children and their families, and opens doors to a prosperous life filled with knowledge, experiment, and wonder. The discussion focused on taking and supporting children to remain and complete school. Disability Inclusiveness where Children with disability have equal opportunities with children without disabilities Emphasis was put on parents and caretakers to take children to schools that they can afford.

As part of the community participation, the members were argued to create advocacy posters messages. Posters were displayed with different messages and discussion was generated from these posters as shown in the above pictures:

Our Project coordinator Murungi Prosy during the discussions emphasized that “Every child has a right to Education, health and protection and every parent or caretaker has a responsibility of spending quality time with their children”. She encouraged parents to “set examples” for their children to follow, create an enabling environment at home for children to freely discuss body changes, HIV, and understand the unique needs of young people, especially adolescents getting the urge to be attracted to the opposite sex.