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Appco alongside its stakeholders and partners within Gulu city came together for the closing meeting on the project “combating stigma against survivors of SGBV and their children”. The project that was funded by the UN Women’s trust fund ran for 4 years since 2018 came to an end. The project’s target group was SGBV survivors and children who were located in 5 locations of Unyama, Bungatira, Paicho, Layibi, and Bardege.

During the meeting, which was attended by a variety of stakeholders, numerous reviews and resolutions to end gender-based violence were made. Diverse stakeholders, including CDOs, SPWO, OC, structures, survivors, and staff, attended a one-day review meeting. As the GBV project came to an end, participants believed that the APPO’s operations in Gulu as an organization—including the SPWO in her opening remarks—would also come to a stop. However, Mr. Osuwat Martin the ERM APPCO came up and clarified this saying “The project coming to an end is not there or APPCO has ended. The project is not ending but we are checking on how far we have reached and how we can improve on how to do better if the structures can stand and do things alone. Today we are here to do a review that is impact-based (2018-2021). We are to review what has been done, and what can be done better. Even without guidance, we can move alone. It remains with red light; the project has not ended because the structures who understand what to be done are there”.

highlights of the project.



Youth from Unyama sub-county in gulu district performing a DRAMA kit advocating to end GBV.
APPCO staff engaged with Women groups in a community dialogue in Bungatira sub-county, Gulu district.