I am happy and rejoice with APPCO management upon completing the development of the Five Years Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2024 and I appreciate the rigor demonstrated. I also want to thank APPCO management for the tireless efforts exhibited in the contributions being made to the sustained wellbeing of children in their families and communities. The approach used in consultation with key stakeholders locally, nationally, and internationally provides a good footing for continued ownership at different levels. I also want to appreciate the involvement of all board members and the constructive feedback they provided towards the completion of this strategy. Board participation in the current and previous strategies has been one of our central and core objectives in providing direction to APPCO senior management but also ensuring strategies measure up on promises.
To provide sustainable leadership and succession, the Board has adopted a strategic approach to continuously review and match the skills and attributes of its members at any given time to the organization’s needs. In this strategy 2020 – 2024, the Board emphasizes the need to focus on lasting impact, increased resource mobilization, and having an organization that is effective, innovative, and the one which leads to integrity. The board also envisions APPCO which leads to empowered communities that drive sustainable child wellbeing; with simplified systems and business processes that promote organizational effectiveness and efficiency and the one whose culture is trusted and expresses excellence in execution and staff exhibiting Christian values, norms, habits, and actions.

The Board is therefore committed to supporting APPCO management to achieve its strategic goal of contributing to improved Household Resilience, Protection, and Sustained Well-Being of 100,000 Children, especially the most vulnerable by 2024.
Looking forward to furthering engagement

Board chairperson Ms. Damali Asekenye (2nd from the right), Executive Director Mr. Micheal Anyeko (Extreme right) posing for a picture with the other board members after a board meeting.

I am happy to present to you APPCO Five-Year strategy for 2020 – 2024.
The strategy development process was guided by APPCO comparative advantage and goodwill with a focus on developing sustainable programs for children and women. At APPCO we remain a woman-led organization with a board comprising 60% of women membership.
The engagement of a wider stakeholder community has ensured this strategy is aligned to APPCO national priorities including responding to National trends including the government of Uganda Vision 2040.
Reflecting on the strategy 2015 – 2019, we celebrate improvements in health services delivery, campaigns to end violence against women and girls, household-level food availability and nutrition security, access to education facilities, and functional literacy of school-going children, and partners/community engagement in child protection.
The 2020 -2024 strategy emanates from and builds on the achievements, lessons learned from our past strategies and also takes into account our key national level and program issues surrounding child wellbeing. Our presence in over 06 districts presents yet another opportunity for broader collaboration and engagement with central and local governments and other development partners in addressing specific child wellbeing issues identified in this strategy.

In the next strategic period of five years, we will contribute to improved Household Resilience, Protection, and Sustained Well-Being of 100,000 Children, especially the most vulnerable by 2024. As we operationalize the strategy, we must put into account our key thematic areas mentioned as guiding priorities to be addressed.

Thank you so much for your support,

Senior Management

Mid Level Management