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900 vulnerable pupils benefited from scholastic materials in Mukono

900 vulnerable pupils benefited from scholastic materials in Mukono

To prevent having an impact on their schooling, young people need to understand and accept the physical and emotional changes to their bodies that occur as they mature, especially throughout puberty. They also need to learn how to manage these changes. Over 900 vulnerable pupils were given scholastic materials (books, mathematical sets, and, pens) with messages designed to instill self-love and awareness as a campaign to promote self-confidence and respect. These pupils had undergone a series of sessions within their school clubs which led to the need for the initiative. The school administrations welcomed and appreciated this initiative and thanked APPCO for the scholastic materials.

During the club mentorship sessions, pupils explore measures to obey and respect their parents, teachers, and elders in the community, taking care of their bodies during this period such as; ensuring good hygiene, eating a balanced diet, and keeping fit through physical exercises. For emotional support, avoid stigmatizing others, seek counselling and guidance, and accept as normal certain conditions. Teens were also mentored on how to select friends who will enable them to attain their future dreams with attributes such as those who are; kind, trustworthy, honest, forgiving, empathetic, respectful, good listening, supportive, etc.

Learning happy living through School clubs

The Age project in Mukono district addressed the issues of in-school girls and boys. Appco and its partner CBO organized school clubs in various schools around Mukono where children meet to discuss, share, and learn from themselves, school matrons and other facilitators that were organized to join the sessions. Among these clubs included health, human rights, etc. These Clubs are created to impart knowledge of self-awareness, health, human rights, self-control and many other topics. “The children are always happy to participate in these club sessions. They organize themselves earlier even before the facilitators