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With a substantial portfolio of interventions and strategic partnerships, we develop programs that help us works with different institutions and stakeholders in the education sector to ensure that vulnerable children from all background navigate the education cycle with ease amidst challenges.

Our programs focus on: Early childhood development programs, Initiatives that promote knowledge development at school for in school children and Programs that support school dropout with the aim of bringing them back into the education cycle. We have also invested in youth economic empowerment programming to meet their daily challenges through vocational skilling and community based skilling.


What we do

Early Childhood Development - ECD

Our ECD model creates sustainable avenues for access to inclusive pre-school. We employ APPCO PlayUp Model for promoting Learning through Play (LtP) approach that gives children chance to full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential by creating an environment that provides healthcare and nutrition, that is caring and responsive, that protects and stimulates them.

Inclusive Education in Primary Schools

APPCO promotes an inclusive access to education of most marginalized children in rural communities through enrollment, retention and transition to secondary schools. We promote Gender Equity Movement (GEM) to ensure girls access and retention in schools, training of teachers, SMC/PTAs and school clubs. As engagement approach, we promote School Discussion Forums with children, teachers and parents to ensure school safe environment for learning.

Skilling for Employment and Entrepreneurship

To ensure socio-economic empowerment of youth APPCO identifies, establishes and trains Youth Village Saving and Loans Association (Y-VSLA) groups on Y-VSLA methodologies, selection and planning for income generation activities. Enterprise and vocational training for youth: APPCO identifies and trains Youth on different trades and enterprise selection and management like Hair dressing, tailoring, Bakery, Rabbit rearing, mental fabrication etc.


What we have done

3,876 deprived children in Northern Uganda granted an opportunity to attend quality inclusive early childhood care and development through enrollment and ECD centre support promoting cognitive development.

872 pre-primary children engaged using the community centre learning approach during covid-19 and supported to transition to ECD centre learning once schools opened.

Supporting Construction and maintenance of ECD centres. Using the community-led approach supported the construction of classroom blocks in 3 ECD centres in the Lamwo district.

We have contributed fees to some most vulnerable girls, purchase and supplies of sanitary towels, soap, basins, buckets, Jike, etc. to ensure Menstrual Hygiene and Management (MHM) for girls in schools.

We have also purchase uniforms and other scholastic materials for girls to ensure they stay in school without lacking such necessities.

637 girls in rural and slum communities have been supported with vocational skills boosting their economic capability to withstand shocks. They were provided with assorted start-up kits.