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Our Strong focus on this theme is on addressing the underlying factors of gender inequalities, especially towards Women and Girls of all ages. Our programming principle In ending GBV is designed to prevent and respond to rights violations, abuse, and exploitation of women and girls who happen to be the most pronounced victims.

We focus on building the capacity of Protection systems, creating a safe and productive environment for women and girls at the family, community, and institutional levels.


What we do

Ending Violence Against Women & Girls

Child protection and safeguarding

Our Achievements

What we have done

Using community radios, we have managed to create awareness about the GBV vice and engage community members in dialogues on how to cab the practice in northern Uganda.

Strengthening Child protection units through community dialogues with key stakeholders within the ECD center and the surrounding communities.

We have rallied stakeholders and key duty bearers to commit to ending violence against women and girls and promote social accountability.

Psychosocial support: We conducted community outreaches on helping the GBV survivors live with the abusive partners but also providing them with structure of support within the communities.