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Household Resilience And Livelihoods

This program is geared toward achieving improved Food Security and Incomes for individual households and communities by

  • equipping them with modern farming methods and skills;
  • promoting access and use of improved and appropriate technologies; enhanced access to market information and Linkages;
  • increasing household incomes,
  • Improved nutrition of children,
  • promotion of Agroforestry;
  • business development and Management skills and
  • promoting vocational skills among the youths.

This will translate into increased food production and productivity, ensuring sufficient food for domestic consumption and surpluses for sale, increased disposable incomes, and availability of a sustainable means of livelihood for the youth.

Our Interventions

Innovative Climate-Smart Agriculture.

With the changes in climate patterns, climate-smart agriculture has been one of the key aspects that we have advocated for within the farming communities. This is aimed at providing a lasting supply of food for the families through the dry seasons. Utilizing the urban methods of farming which involve farming in a small piece of land and still realize enough produce to sustain family needs. Above all, we aim to uphold the practice of CSA innovations to drive the agenda of sustainable development and resilient communities prone to shocks and stresses.

Our Major Achievements

Early Childhood Development feeding program within the ECD centers
Empowering Community Women VSLA groups