Household Resilience And Livelihoods

This program is geared towards achieving improved Food Security and Incomes of individual households and communities by equipping them with modern farming methods and skills; promoting access and use of improved and appropriate technologies; enhanced access to market information and Linkages; increase household incomes, Improved nutrition of children, promotion of Agroforestry; business development and Management skills and promoting vocational skills among the youths. This will translate into increased food production and productivity ensuring that there is sufficient food for domestic consumption and surpluses for sale, increased disposable incomes, and availability of a sustainable means of livelihood for the youth. The services APPCO provides are focused on Food security and technical advisory services, Promotion of commercial farming and Agro Business, Support in entrepreneurship for small scale business/IGA, and Vocational skills enhancement for school dropouts.
APPCO staff in Gulu district interacting with a beneficiary of the organization program on livelihood.


With the changes in climate patterns, climate-smart agriculture has been one of the key aspects that we have advocated for within the farming communities. This is aimed at providing a lasting supply of food within the families through the dry seasons. Utilizing the urban methods of farming which involve farming in a small piece of land and still realize enough produce to sustain family needs.


APPCO’s objective is “To strive for the provisions of safe drinking water, good sanitation, and hygienic practices”. APPCO works in impoverished areas to provide potable water and adequate sanitation to decrease water-borne diseases, improve health, and lessen the burden on women and children by reducing the distance to water collection points. APPCO’s Water, Sanitation & Hygiene approaches will help communities to obtain adequate supplies of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities by the construction of water supply schemes, installation & re-habilitation of communal hand pumps and tube wells, re-construction/construction of household latrines.
These initiatives become sustainable as WASH community members are trained to repair and maintain hand pumps and water sources and serve on water and sanitation committees that oversee community improvements.