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Judith Akello Inyakoit

Biography of Judith Akello Inyakoit

Judith is an experienced social worker who has worked for about five years now with the communities to address social and economic problems/challenges, most especially the vulnerable groups of people in the community especially the children and women, elderly, unemployed youth, mentally ill, disabled and the refugees in Uganda.

Her experience of work has significantly contributed to improving the lives of the above mentioned persons for a better Uganda.
However, Judith has worked for several developmental organizations both international, national, local civil society organizations in Uganda as well as work in the local government. Judith is known for the following skills and expertise.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

Experience & Skills

Judith holds a bachelor’s degree in development studies from Gulu University and currently pursuing her postgraduate diploma in Project planning and management from Uganda Management Institute (UMI). She is also a trained professional child protection practitioner trained in child protection, child safe guarding and safer programming, she also got trained in Disability and Inclusion- handling children with different types of disabilities. Judith is also a GBV activist who is trained in GBV prevention and response including handling ERP programming in emergency areas.

Areas of Expertise

Judith is known for the following skills and expertise.
Project programming, Implementation and Reporting: She has skills in programme/project strategic planning and development, implementation and part of monitoring and evaluation which enabled her to execute her duties diligently in contributing to community health, child protection in emergency areas, education and livelihood security and sustainability skills in project design and implementation and reporting as per work plans and budgets especially in line with project design activities. This is built strongly by key training on Child protection and safer programing, Gender Based Violence and Social mobilization.
Building Capacity of Community support Structures: As a community empowerment model, she has hands on skills in identification, assessment and training of different community structures such as community groups on child protection/child safeguarding, GBV prevention and response interventions. She designs training curriculums/time tables and help groups develop plans and actions to address the identified gaps in addressing their social challenges.
Community Based Networking and Collaboration: She has worked with different community stakeholders, partners and local leaders and coordinated development efforts with Government, NGOs and others. She can lead and mobilize communities for referral pathways and coordination of services from different sectors including developing partnerships with other development agencies.
Social Skills: She is an administrator who can live and work with other people irrespective of their backgrounds, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important, situations are very fragile and where teamwork is essential, Judith has always stood outstanding in managing every situation to normal.